LIS PTO Early Bird & After School Clubs

General information:

- The fall session will run from Tuesday September 27th to November 18th (which includes 2 makeup weeks if needed) and the clubs may meet anytime during the session. Dates, times, and fees are found below.

- All LIS PTO clubs have a fee. The cost is $38 per club. Some have additional fees included. Consult the club description for the cost of the club. This fee must be paid in full for your child to attend a club.

- All payments will be done electronically this year through the Sign Up Genius website. Credit and Debit cards along with e-checks will be accepted for payment. If you don’t have a credit card, debt card, or checking account please contact the PTO at to arrange payment.

- Electronic registration is not complete until you submit your card or e-check details. If not entered on the registration, Sign-Up Genius automatically removes the registration (and your student losing his or her slot). Please contact the PTO Club committee if you have questions

- Walk-in registration will be accepted the first week of the session (9/27 though 9/29) if there is space available in the club. Remember to send the required completed Club Payment Receipt form and payment with your student. Available club spots will be listed on our PTO website ( After the first week of clubs they will be closed to further registration.

- Clubs will not meet on days when school is closed.

- After school clubs will not meet on early dismissal days.

- Limited space available: All clubs have a limit on the number of students who can join. Clubs are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Once clubs are filled, registration for that club will be closed.

- Transportation: Early Bird Clubs begin at 7:30am. Parents must provide transportation to school for early bird clubs. Drop-off is at the Main Doors. Students will not be allowed to enter the building until 7:30am for the Early Bird Clubs.

- Pick-up/Drop off: Pick-up time for your After School Clubs is at 4:45pm at the Main Doors. Children MUST be picked up on time - Do not sign your child up for a club unless someone will be able to pick them up at that time. Two late pickups will result in your child's dismissal from the club program. Children in the Extended Day After School Program will be dismissed to the ASP at 4:45 pm. Please be sure to indicate that your child is to be dismissed to the ASP on the registration form.

- You must register each child separately on Sign Up Genius and with the PTO. Please note when there is a difference in last names which will make it easier for the committee to identify your child and get them signed up for the correct club.

- Cancellation of a registration - If your child decides not to participate in a club he or she has already been signed up for, please remove them from the club roster. You can do so through Sign Up Genius or contact the club committee at for assistance. If you are not going to use the seat, it is important to free it up so another student can join the club.

- Cancellation of a club: We will cancel clubs in case we don't get the minimum participation required by the club leaders. For those who have paid for the clubs that get cancelled, we will issue refunds after 3 weeks.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Payment Information:

- Enrollment and payment will be online through the Sign Up Genius website. Credit, debit, and e-checks are to be used. If you do not have any of these forms of payment, please contact the PTO at

- Any outstanding balance from the fall 2015, winter 2016, or spring 2016 sessions must be paid in full before your child can sign up for the Fall 2016 session.

- Any checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a $15 bank fee. The club fee plus the bank fee will need to be repaid in full.

- Club payment must be paid in full for your child to attend a club. Sign Up Genius automatically requires payment within 3 days or it deletes your registration. For Walk-Ins, payment is required on the first day of attendance. Nonpayment of any club fees, materials fees, or bank fees will result in your child not being allowed to sign up for the any of the next session of clubs until the balance is paid in full.

Early Bird Clubs (Drop off at 7:30AM)

Payment for any Early Bird and/or After School Clubs can be made by following these directions:

We accept payment via Paypal ( - (You do not need to have a Paypal account to send payment using the Paypal website).

We request that you also please complete a Club Payment Receipt Form for any club or event that you have paid for (regardless of the type of payment you used).

For Early Bird and/or After School Clubs the form should be completed, printed and sent in to school with your child on the first day of their club and given to the instructor.

(Registration form is attached below).

If you have any questions regarding payment for clubs please contact

If you have any questions regarding payment for any other items please contact