Mr. Michaels Art

Mr. Michaels' Participates in Trenton Art Initiative

Earlier this month, Mr. Michaels, was involved in an art initiative in Trenton entitled "Windows of Soul."

He participated in the fourth installment of this initiative. Trenton's SAGE Coalition stepped in to bring a bit of positivity, organizing a unique group of artists and volunteers for a three-day event. Each day took place in a different part of the areas often viewed as tough and/or marred by violence.

The initiative seeks to transform vacant and boarded up buildings into an open-air gallery by artists who have submitted work or are painting live at the event. In a neighborhood often marred by violence, a little bit of soul would go a long way.

Bio: Mr. Howard Michaels

Dedicated to a career of teaching art in NJ public schools for over 20 years, Howard Michaels has steadfastly maintained the persona of a practicing artist with a solid professional background in fine arts and photography.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Michaels’ interest in historical scenes from his home state led him to develop a large collection of original New Jersey shore photographs which he had individually hand-colored using photo oils.

A full page featuring his skill and unique subject matter of the hand-painted photograph was selected to appear in The Marshall’s Hand Coloring Guide and Gallery Book (Grace and George Schaub, 1995). His popular nostalgic series entitled New Jersey Beach Scenes have been reproduced and are being widely sold as prints.

New tongue and cheek versions of a few of these vintage photographs have recently been reworked with the addition of collaged elements. As a multimedia Pop Artist, Michaels has skillfully executed numerous drawing and paintings combining collaged materials and three-dimensional enhancements to his work. His piece entitled “From Sea to Shining ControverSea” is a fine example featuring a large painted image of the Statue of Liberty with a paper mache face and a multitude of hard-hitting political and socially relevant photos collaged around the Liberty image. Other contemporary works include the 4ft X 4ft "Blue Zoo" oil painting, showing a closeup of the face of an orangutan in an antiquated zoo and the "Slice of Pizza", a huge 3D paper mache piece.

Currently Michaels has developed a renewed interest in retro décor and the 60’s era. Continuing the exploration of collaged and painted imagery, an imaginative new series immerged featuring repeated images of fashion models, bright colors and more iconic symbols in abstracted compositions.

Ever the teacher, many of his own artistic creations have evolved from the constant immersion in art lessons for his students. What started out to be an inspiration for a project on Egyptian art grew into a magnificent life-sized sarcophagus sculpture of King Tutankhamen. Taking several years to complete, the piece grew to become the ultimate Pop Art sculpture with tattooed arms and functioning Bose speakers in its hands---truly connecting the ancient world with the modern--The Old Works Meets the New!