Schoola Fundraiser

Are you interested in cleaning out your house and donating any gently used kids and women clothes that you no longer want? Do you NOT have time to drive your donation to a drop off bin? Do you want any easy way to raise some money for our school?

If you answered yes to these questions then we have the perfect opportunity for you......Schoola.

Parents love Schoola because they can donate gently used kids and women's clothing by mail from home with free shipping, allowing them to clean out their closet for the benefit of their kid's school. Kids love it because they can track their school's fundraising progress on their school page, and it funds programs at schools that have seen severe budget cuts, such as art, music, field trips and P.E.

Request a postage paid bag here. Once you receive the bag in the mail, fill it up with kids and women clothing, make sure the bag's label indicates the bag is for LIS and then either drop it off at the post office or leave it by your mailbox for the mail man to pick up. It's that simple!!! Schoola will receive your clothes, prep them, photograph them and then put them on their website for people to buy. They set the price and a portion of all sales goes to LIS. If you want you can even track what pieces of your clothes you donated were bought, for how much and what state they went to. Anytime you have more clothes to donate just request another bag. (Please note any clothes that Schoola deems unfit to resell they will donate to a local shelter).

Check out the website and sign up to get your postage paid bag mailed to your home and then start filling it up and cleaning out your house all while raising money for LIS!