YouTube Broadcasts

In case you didn’t know…

A new YouTube channel called "LTPS Rewind" has been created.  You can find many of the LTPS-TV broadcasts on demand at:

Here are some recent broadcasts from LTPS-TV: 


 4th Grade Spring Concert 2016

 5th & 6th Grade Spring Concert 2016

           5th & 6th Grade 2015 Winter Instrumental Concert    

           4th Grade 2015 Spring Concert - 

          5th and 6th Grade 2015 Spring Choral Concert - 

           5th and 6th Grade 2015 Spring Instrumental Concert -

5th & 6th Grade 2014 Winter Instrumental Concert

5th grade teacher Ms. D'Errico volunteers with Loli's Place, a local non-profit organization that focuses on animal rescue efforts.  Ms. D'Errico's dog LuLu, is a canine visitor to LIS.  LuLu helps teach students about how important it is to help shelter animals get adopted.  You can watch a video of one of Lulu's visits here.