Student Council

This page lists the dates of activities and events decided upon by the LIS Student Council.

The student council is made up of six student government officers and they hold meetings once a month. At these meetings representatives vote on spirit days and discuss future charities. Please visit this page often to see what activities the student council is creating and encouraging their fellow students to take part in.

2018 - 2019 Officers: 
6th Grade President - Elijah Lehrfeld
6th Grade Vice President - Bella Sannella
6th Grade Secretary - Mia Scarlata
5th Grade Treasurer - Nishka Desai
5th Grade Treasurer - Preeta Cyrus

Student Council Meetings Meeting Dates:  
October 10th             November 14th            December 12th
January 9th               February 13th               March 13th
April 10th                   May 8th                         

The school store is open every Thursday from 8:20 - 8:30 for students to make purchases of items like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc.

Upcoming Events:

Next Meeting - November 14th


Service Projects

HomeFront Thanksgiving Basket Drive

No child should go hungry on Thanksgiving or any day!  Every family should have the joy of sharing a home cooked meal on Thanksgiving day.  Without your help too many local families will go hungry.  Homefront's goal is to feed 2000 families for Thanksgiving!!

Please see the flyer for information about what items we are currently collecting for the Home Front Thanksgiving Food Drive sponsored by the student council. There will be donation baskets outside Ms. Axenroth's classroom. Gift cards (to Shop Rite or other local grocery stores) can be put in Ms. Tarasov or Ms. Axenroth mailbox in the office. Thank you for your support!