LIS Gear - Fall Sale

LIS Gear & Apparel Sale!
For Students & Faculty
Order Now Through October 1, 2018
Orders will arrive at school around the end of October, early November if not sooner.


To place your order please visit our vendors website.

  1-2000 LET IT SHINE Screen Printed <b>YOUTH/ADULT </b>Short Sleeve T-shirt                  2-18600 OWL Screen Printed <b>ON THE BACK ADULT</b> Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

          1-DT5001 OWL Screen Printed <b>JUNIOR LADIES</b> T-shirt           F19 Screen Printed Flannel Pants                STA02 Embroidered Spectator Scarf         1-2400 LET IT SHINE Screen Printed <b>YOUTH/ADULT </b> Long Sleeve T-shirt                         
      8871 Embroidered 16 Ounce Cotton Canvas Tote               1-DT5001 LET IT SHINE Screen Printed <b>JUNIOR LADIES</b> T-shirt     1-2400 OWLScreen Printed <b>YOUTH/ADULT </b> Long Sleeve T-shirt     1-DT5201 OWL Screen Printed <b>JUNIOR LADIES</b> Long Sleeve T-shirt    
     2-18500B LET IT SHINE Screen Printed <b>YOUTH</b> Hooded Sweatshirt            
              4-TRB20GD 20 oz. Tritan Stripe Water Bottle


PARENTS: In order for your order to get to your child's classroom you MUST complete the delivery address information on the website as follows:

Name = Name of child  ***Address = Grade, Teacher****  City = City (i.e. Lawrenceville)  State = State (i.e. New Jersey)

TEACHERS AND STAFF: Please make sure you enter your room number or class location as your delivery address so that your orders gets properly sorted and delivered to you promptly at school.

Any questions please contact Niki Davis at