Yearbooks & Boosters

The name of the girl who sat next to you in class. The outcome of Ms. Heller’s chess tournaments. What color hair did Ms. Casieri have on crazy hair day. Those are just a few of the details your student will want to remember about this school year. Help your student keep those memories
longer by buying a 2017-18 LIS Yearbook. Your student will have a yearbook that will be enjoyed now, and 20, 30 or even 50 years from now.

It’s easy to order! Just click here!

Order before December 21st at the rate of $23.00. Order between December 22nd and January 31st at the rate of $25.00. After January 31st yearbooks will NO longer be available to purchase!!!!!

Yearbooks will be distributed on the second to last day of school.

Also, now taking orders for booster messages for the 2017-18 LIS all-school yearbook! Parents can write messages to their children; kids can write messages to their friends, or even one for the whole LIS community! Messages should be no longer than five sentences and cost $10 from an adult and $5 from an LIS student. (Funds help offset yearbook costs and end-of-school activities.)

Sample booster messages: 

(Parent to Child) John Smith: We are so proud of you! You have worked so hard this year. We wish you the best in 7th grade. Love, Mom, Dad and Jane. 

(Student to Teacher) Mrs. Smith: Thank you so much for a great year. I’ll miss you and LIS! Mike Jones

(Student to School) Dear LIS: I had a great time during my 3 years at LIS. I will miss you but looking forward to going to the Middle School. I hope I can come back and visit! Bill Bird

(Student to Student) Karen Jones: Good luck in 7th grade! I had fun with you at LIS. Come back and visit! Melissa Smith, 5th Grade

Pricing:  $5.00 for student boosters; $10.00 for parent boosters

It’s easy to order! Just click here!